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Divine couples

Gods and Goddesses in their pairs

This list of pairs is by no means complete. Many of the deities swapped around over the years and there could be much added here.

40 Couples:
1.Anu and Nammu-Antu
2.Enlil and Ninlil
3.Enki and Ninki
4.Adad and Shalla,
5.Shammash and Shappash
6.Utu and Aya
7.Babbar and Sherida
8.Sin and Ningal
9.Nanna and Ningal
10.Zuen and Ningal
11. Nergal and Allatu
12. Ishtar- Inanna and Tammuz
13. Nabu and Tashmitum
14. Ishkur and Gubarra
15. Ninib and Gatamdug
16. Marduk and Sharpanitum
17. Assur and Mulissu
18. Ninurta and Gula
19. Shakkan and Ashnan
20. Ningirsu and Bau
21. Erra and Mamitu
22. Martu and Belet Sseri
23. Nanshe and Nidarra
24. Enzak and Ninsikilim
25. Haya and Nanshe
26. Nungal (Ninegal) and Birtam
27. Hendursag and Ninmug
28. Ishum and Ninmug
29. Pabilsag and Gula
30. Lisin and Ninsikiliam
31. Dagan and Ishara
32. Enmensharra and Ninmesharra
33. Ishtaran and Sharrat Deri
34. Baba and Zababa
35. Birdu and Manungal
36. Ninghizhida and Ninazimua
37. Ninazu and Ningarida
38. Nusku and Sadarnunna
39. Shulpa-e and Ninhursaga
40. Kur and Ninmah

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