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On this page we will provide links to various resources. We may include topics and articles that will further your faith, educate you on important issues, or provide a little entertainment. Each link is fully examined and reviewed and we will not post a link unless we have thoroughly looked it over.


Links to Pdf files and scholarly works

University of Pennsylvania Sumerian / Akkadian Dictionary frankly I am not certain I could live without this link. It is utterly fantastic.

An Akkadian Grammar page that while incomplete, does give the student a good starting point. It does not include info on all the headings that it lists, but we can hope it will be fleshed out in the future.

An excellent Akkadian sign list . It is in french but a good translation site will help.

A Sumerian archaic sign table! Use the number references to look up sign meanings on the french site listed above.

John Haloran's Sumerian language page; a resource that no one should miss, phenominal! Includes the most extensive Sumerian dictionary around, and a great article on proto Sumerian.

The religion of Babylon and Assyria (1906) While many of the renderings of the names of the gods have changed since this was written, it is still an excellent read.

A pdf file that discusses the planet names of the A.N.E.

A excellent source for the omen texts and astrological reports to the kings of Assyria

The Abzu Directory, a vast repository of online texts about the A.N.E, Egypt and much much more. Practically any subject realted to the old world is touched upon here. Hebrew studies, A.N.E, Egypt and so many other subjects. it has both texts and links to website.

An excellent Akkadian sign list . It is in french but a good translation site will help.

An extensive site on Enheduanna daughter of Sargon the first. She wrote in the first person which was very rare for her time. She was a priestess of Nanna the moon god.

More on the writings of Enheduana daughter of Sargon the first

Sumerian artifacts; touted as the largest collection of Sumerian artifacts online...

Eisenbrauns book sellers. This company has the most extensive selection of books on subjects relevent to so many areas of study that to try to list them would be impossible.

An excellent page on number music theory. I had been shown this notion by a wise fellow who is a master magician in the A.N.E. style and doubted it untill I saw this amazing article. needless to say I will not doubt him again!

Personal pages, and pagan groups.

Tintir Babylon. Bel Murru does a fine job of indicating the magical training of the Magician of Babylon. His extensive links and information is quite an eye opener. The only frustration I have encountered with this site is that so very many of his links lead to pages that are no longer there. If he was to clean that up, it would be the most highly recommended link in this list.

Run by 'Lishtar', this site comes highly recommended. Scholarly work and good information. An astounding plethora of links and a wonderful body of information. Lishtar herself is a quite bonney lass, friendly, informed, sincere and unbiased. I have gone back to her site over and over again to enjoy the materials there.

Temple of the Seven Spheres; At first I was quite uncertain of this fellow's claim to practice a tradition that has a direct lline of connection to the time of Sargon the second, but franky as I have investigated the things he teaches, I am forced to admit that he knows his stuff and often has the answers to question that I have been unable to answer for years. I am able to challenge him with the most obscure points and he always has the answer. This fellow has the mosust astoud amount of information and knows it by memory. Thought provoking...

The universal Temple of Anu. To be fair to the followers of Sitchin and other oddball beleifs that have arisen in modern times I include this link. Frankly I dont know what to say about this community, the fellow in charge has rather...odd...ideas about Anu and the Gods. It is rather like an extreme fundmentalist christian prophet who mixed Gnostic practices with a little of what ever he can pilfer from the internet in an A.N.E. vein. Not really much of use here but it is rather like 'As the World Turns' in a certain way. He teaches that Anu left the universe and that he is going to destroy the word and one may be saved by being this fellow's deciple. Quite amusing really.

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