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Anu Temple

A kudurru that shows the signs of the gods
note the horned crown of Anu on top left

Blessings and welcome to the Anu Temple.

This web site and its companion MSN community are dedicated to the worship of the gods and goddesses of the Ancient Near East. With so many traditions now available online, Anu is the most easily available scapegoat for every harebrained religious scheme imaginable. For instance, a cult known as the "Nuwabians", whose leader claimed to be Anu incarnate, espoused doctrines including teaching their children to leap into trash cans when a siren sounded so they would not be left behind when the mother ship came to collect the enlightened ones. The Nuwabians believed that the Aliens would only collect "enlightened beings" and metal objects, and since the children were not old enough to be enlightened, they should be collected via magnetism. Zacharia Sitchin who has many followers, teaches that the Anunnaki (the Gods of A.N.E.) are alien overlords. There is a Gnostic 'prophet' that claims Anu speaks to him through channeling, and that Anu has left the mortal universe, and is working towards its destruction, though the followers of this "prophet" will be spared and pass on to a world of their own creation. It seems that in our current era, it is easy to get lost in all the silliness or downright idiocy that some of these traditions hold dear.

Despite the myriad groups that claim that they possess the truth and invest themselves in the most astonishing tripe, there are some remarkable groups that have put an immense amount of effort into reconstructing the magical and religious traditions of the A.N.E.. For instance, a fine scholar, who goes by the pseudonym "Lishtar" combines excellent scholarship with a true faith in the Gods, creating a wonderful website. A fellow who goes by "Bel-Murru" has created an exhaustive website focused on the traditional training of the Babylonian Magician. I can assure you that there were many broken hearts among the enthusiasts of the Old Gods when such excellent sites as Twin Rivers Rising went belly-up.

This site, as well as its' companion community on MSN have been constructed in an attempt to pull together the many disparate sources of information and belief available on the internet, and to act as a clearinghouse of information. It is our intent to assemble an exhaustive collection of links to websites, materials, and references for the sole purpose of guiding the true seeker to those sources that legitimately manifest the beliefs of the A.N.E..

By assembling scholarly sources, such as information on languages and archaeology we hope to close the gap between guesswork and recorded fact in order to create a cohesive source for the reader's search for truth. We do not claim to possess the only truth, and should the mother ship take up a geosynchronous orbit over a major city, please jump into the nearest dumpster clutching your copy of Sitchin's works.

May Peace and Blessings, Light and Life proceed you throughout your days!

Welcome to the Anu Temple. As time goes on there will be a great deal of material here. Please be patient and you will be rewarded with one of the most thorough pages on the ancient gods on the Web.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for announcements and special events.

The Temple of Anu Most High